Help make the 2022 National convention a
success by sponsoring a trophy package.

The Ft. Crook Chapter of the IPMS/USA appreciates your sponsorship and support of the upcoming 2022 National Convention. Trophy sponsorships help cover the expense of the trophy packages and allow the host chapter to provide high quality awards to the winning members. 

A trophy sponsorship allows you or your organization to purchase an award trophy package to be presented to the first, second, and third place entries in a category and, if desired, a special award. Categories are reserved on a first come, first served basis. Please indicate multiple categories when sending your sponsorship.

This year, trophy sponsorships can be purchased online thru the IPMS USA shopping cart. A link is provided below. Forms can also be downloaded for trophy sponsorship. 

When you select to a trophy sponsorship the final page has a place for comments.  In the comments place three choices for the category you want to sponsor. Use the link below to the categories and special awards to see which categories are still available.  A member of the Ft. Crook staff will contact you with the category you are sponsoring.  

You, or your organization, will be recognized by having your name posted in the model room and listed in the Convention publications. 

Please see the separate list of categories and special awards. This list will be updated regularly to show which categories are reserved and who the sponsors are.

The shopping cart for purchase your trophy package can be found HERE

Category Sponsorship $90.00     Best of Category Awards $110.00