Fort Crook IPMS/USA would like to thank all the
IPMS members and visitors 
who attended the
2022 IPMS/USA National Convention!

Modeling the Arsenal of Democracy

For many of you this is your fourth IPMS National in Omaha. The third in the last eleven years.  The members of IPMS Ft. Crook were proud to share their home with you again.  We had a great convention full of models, vendors, and friends.  Our convention was “right sized” and almost everyone you met was a modeler. We hope everyone attending had a marvelous experience!

This year we Modeled the Arsenal of Democracy. Recognizing those marvels of American ingenuity that have preserved freedom around the world, the P-51 Mustang, the F-4 Phantom and the Sherman tank to name a few.  2022 is also the 75th anniversary of the United States Air Force as well as the 45th anniversary of Star Wars. The diversity of our hobby means we saw models recognizing all these events and many others.

As modelers we celebrated events by recreating history in miniature for all to see and remember.  Whether it was a pristine F-22 Raptor, a war weary Grumman Wildcat, a race winning Indy car or a dusty M3 Stuart. We gathered in Omaha to share the enjoyment of recreating history and discussing our craft with fellow modelers.

Special thanks go out to the La Vista Conference Center staff that helped make this year a very enjoyable event for all our attendees. Also a big thank you to all the vendors who supported the convention this year. Without their support holding the convention would not be possible.

On behalf of the members of the Fort Crook Chapter, IPMS/USA, the many volunteers from other chapters, the vendors and the IPMS/USA Executive Board we thank you for attending 2022 IPMS/USA National Convention in Omaha and hope your stay was enjoyable.

Scott Hackney
Convention Chairman
2022 IPMS/USA National Convention